Qubits On The Ice

Qubits are an advanced race of beautiful, voxelated penguins that have newly discovered blockchain. Be on the lookout for recently minted Qubits as they explore the ERC-721 contract!

We are using the best services to bring Qubits to life

Roadmap for the Qubits

We will be airdropping a special NFT for the first 2,000 Qubits.
Hold 5 Qubits from 2,000 to 9,999 to Claim a Qubit Car
We are setting up a community wallet when we hit 5,000 Qubits sold. Our other roadmap items are below.
500 Holders

Name your Qubit

We will start working on the naming application, you will be able to name your Qubits, it not only changes the metadata but also upgrades your Qubit Box.



1500 Qutopians is a huge milestone. We hope to reach there soon, when we do we will provide the necessary files for Qubits to be 3D printed ,used in AR apps or the metaverse.


Qubinator Power Up

Once we have sold all 10,000 Qubits and have 1,000 Qutopians we will start working on the Qubinator, which will be released in a week.

9999 Qubits sold

Enter the Metaverse

We will purchase a land in sandbox ,decentraland ,landvault or wherever the Qubits community choose to be the best place for Qubits.

Our Team

The Qubits Team

Why Us

What makes Qubits special?

Name your Qubit

Each Qubit can be given a name everytime they are transferred to a new owner.


When you unbox a Qubit it is recorded on the Smart Contract and cannot be changed

Unbox Date

When you unbox a Qubit, it is given an additional attribute with the date of unboxing.

Box Attributes

Every time a Qubit box is transferred it might get scratched or damaged. The condition of the Qubit Box will change as it gets moved around.

Qubit Attributes

When an unboxed Qubit is moved between wallets it might get scratched and the condition will get updated on the attributes.

Gift Wrap

Do you want to send a Qubit to someone who is just entering the NFT space? Gift Wrap your Qubits.